Allred Again Outraises Cruz by $2.6 Million

DALLAS –  FEC reports filed today show Congressman Colin Allred’s campaign outraised Ted Cruz by $2.6 million in the second quarter of 2024. Allred’s campaign raised more than $10.5 million and ended the quarter with over $10.4 million cash-on-hand as the campaign has been airing TV ads in Houston, San Antonio, McAllen-Brownsville-Harlingen and Laredo media markets along with digital ads statewide. 

“Congressman Allred has outraised Ted Cruz every quarter since he entered the race, and it is clear that his campaign has the grassroots support of Texans across our state behind him,” said Colin Allred for Senate Campaign Manager Paige Hutchinson. “Allred’s campaign is about bringing people together and this further proves that Texans are ready for a new kind of leadership in the Senate and to defeat Ted Cruz in November.” 

Quick stats since launch:

  • Over 1 million individual contributions 
  • Over $38.4 million in total receipts 
  • Contributions from 250 of Texas’ 254 counties 
  • Over 357,000 individual contributors
  • Average donation: $35.59

These numbers reflect the amount brought into Allred’s campaign committee during the second FEC quarter of 2024 with the total of the report filed today – which spanned from April 1st to June 30th.


ICYMI: Allred Lays out Vision for Texas in Nexstar Statewide Election Special

Allred: “I don’t see us so much as Democrats and Republicans or Independents… I see us as Texans, and I always have”

DALLAS – In a Nexstar election special that ran statewide in primetime last week, Congressman Colin Allred detailed his plans for addressing the key issues facing Texans in his campaign for U.S. Senate to defeat Ted Cruz. During the interview with KXAN’s Daniel Marin, Allred laid out his commonsense approach to solving the border crisis, fighting for Texans’ freedoms against the state’s extreme abortion ban and lowering costs for Texas families.  

Allred shared his story as a fourth-generation Texan and the importance of bringing Texans together. This was in sharp contrast to Ted Cruz who spent his time promoting his podcast, admitting he’d love to go to the private sector and “earn some money,” dodging questions on IVF and saying other strange things.  

Watch the special here and Allred’s full sit-down interview here

Allred on his Leadership Style and Vision for Texans

  • “I think I know who we are as Texans and we are not who Ted Cruz says we are, or my story really wouldn’t have been possible. What I want to make sure is that every Texan knows who I am and how I want to bring us together as Texans, because the way I’ve served in Congress shows that it’s possible to serve while not pitting folks against each other.” 
  • “Becoming a father and having two young children has fundamentally changed me in the way that every parent, I think can say the same, because it has extended my view into the future…I want to make sure that they…inherit a state and a country that’s not destroyed by divisions…but that fundamentally understands, as John Lewis used to tell us that we might have come here on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now. We’re all Americans, we’re all Texans.” 
  • “When I see Ted Cruz, I see somebody who…sees everything in such stark terms, it’s either black or it’s white, and he’s always going to be fighting. And to me, that’s not my experience of life, and I don’t think it is most Texans either.” 
  • “I don’t see us so much as Democrats and Republicans or Independents… I see us as Texans, and I always have.” 

On the Border:

  • “I’ve got a personal story with this because my family is from Brownsville, and my grandfather was a customs officer… I spent a lot of my childhood there. I’ve always seen our border communities as not just places where you go to point out problems but as places where real folks are living and trying to raise their families and where I think they expect us to have responsible responses to what’s happening.” 
  • We have to respond with smart policy. And this is where I get really frustrated, because I see Ted Cruz with a bipartisan effort in the United States Senate to bring billions of dollars to this issue… And he’s saying no…That, to me, has to be so outrageous to every single Texan.” 
  • “We’re the United States of America, we’re Texans. This is not beyond our capacity to have a secure, fair border where we treat people in a humane way…We can do this, but we have to have leaders who actually want to.” 

On Lowering Costs for Texas Families:  

  • “I know what it’s like to go through the checkout line and have to put things back because you couldn’t afford that this week. And I know what that feeling is, and as a parent now, I certainly understand how devastating that would be, to do that for my kids, and so that’s why I’ve always been so focused on lowering folks’ costs everywhere I can… Ted Cruz is somebody who I don’t think is interested at all in lowering folks’ everyday costs, who really is only looking out for the wealthiest and the best connected.” 
  • To me, when you want to talk about how can we best support families here in Texas we have to have a comprehensive system…It’s really hard, in Texas, to have a child and to be working and to keep providing for your family and that’s also costing us in terms of our economy. We’ve seen time and time again that when you have policies that are pro-family like early childhood care, like universal pre-K, like access to paid family leave, that it also has more of an economic impact.. and so to me, that’s the holistic approach that we have to take. 

On Reproductive Rights: 

  • …this is a law that has gone way too far, and this is the predictable outcome of what extremists like Ted Cruz have been saying for decades and now have made into a reality here in Texas… [We need to make] sure that women can make their own health care decisions about their bodies, in consultation with their doctors and with their faith.” 
  • We need to have a more fulsome conversation about how we can both protect life consistent…also with protecting individual rights…You have to have leaders in place who want to take that approach.” 


ICYMI: Allred Visits Harris and Matagorda Counties to Assess Damage Caused by Hurricane Beryl and Volunteer Alongside Community

HOUSTON – On Friday and Saturday, Congressman Colin Allred visited communities grappling with the impacts of Hurricane Beryl. On Friday, Allred met with residents impacted by the storm, including Houstonians who suffered considerable damage to their homes. From there, Allred was briefed by officials from the American Red Cross on damage sustained by the storm and their continued recovery efforts. 

On Saturday, Allred traveled to Matagorda County to volunteer at their Emergency Operations Center. He met with and worked alongside members of the community to prepare supplies and joined a damage assessment of the area alongside local leaders.

“If there is anything I know about Texans, it’s that we’re resilient,” Allred said on social media.The recovery effort from Hurricane Beryl is still ongoing, but I know we will get through this together.”



As the Texas Abortion Ban Puts Women in Danger, Ted Cruz Signs Resolution “Celebrating” Anniversary of Dobbs Decision

DALLAS –  Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement after Ted Cruz signed on to a Senate resolution this week “celebrating” the “historic anniversary” of the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health decision overturning Roe v. Wade. The decision paved the way for Texas’ extreme abortion ban. 

“It is unconscionable for Ted Cruz to celebrate the fact that Texas women are being forced to flee the state while facing life threatening pregnancy complications,” said Allred. “Texas families are facing the consequences of Ted Cruz’s extreme abortion ban, and we will hold him accountable this November.”

Cruz waited more than two weeks after the Dobbs anniversary to sign on to the resolution, after last year praising the decision as “the culmination of a 50-year fight” to rip away women’s reproductive freedoms. He said its anniversary “will be celebrated for years to come.” 

Cruz has fought for years to overturn Roe v. Wade, is author of the extreme national abortion ban proposal, and explicitly supports a total ban with no exceptions for rape, incest, or health of the mother. Cruz celebrated the day that Roe was overturned as “nothing short of a massive victory.” He has praised Texas’ near-total abortion ban, calling it “perfectly reasonable.”

Allred has long championed protecting women’s right to access abortion, has been a leading voice against restricting women’s right to interstate travel, and has voted to codify Roe v. Wade’s protections to restore national abortion access. He also supports codifying protection for IVF in federal law and has worked to expand access to affordable birth control and over-the-counter contraception.

ICYMI: Austin-American Statesman: Fundraising, Polling Show Allred in Dead Heat with Cruz in Race for U.S. Senate

DALLAS – On Thursday, the Austin-American Statesman published a story highlighting Allred’s campaign momentum, bringing in over $10.5 million in the second quarter. The news comes alongside a new poll by the University of Houston Hobby School of Public Affairs and Texas Southern University which showed that the Senate race between Allred and Cruz is a statistical tie. This new poll is the third in three weeks to show the Texas Senate race within the margin of error.

From the Austin American Statesman:

  • Allred’s campaign raised more than $10.5 million from April through June… Since launching his campaign more than a year ago, Allred has raised more than $38 million, about $20 million of that coming in 2024.
  • Latest figures “[cement] the race’s status as one of the most expensive in the nation, and a new poll published Thursday shows it could also be one of the closest contests… a poll by the University of Houston Hobby School of Public Affairs and Texas Southern University shows Cruz holding a slim 3-point lead over Allred…The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 2.5%, which means Cruz and Allred are statistically tied.
  • The Allred campaign insisted its fundraising totals for the past three months spell trouble for the two-term Republican incumbent and excitement for the Democrat… 
  • 49% of respondents said they have a favorable opinion of Texas’ junior senator, 48% said the opposite. Allred’s favorability factor was 49% while 38% viewed him unfavorably.
  • The [Allred] campaign has been running TV ads in…the media markets of Houston, San Antonio, McAllen-Harlingen-Brownsville, and Laredo. Digital ads are running statewide.

Read the full piece here.

Allred Continues Fundraising Momentum, Raising Over $10.5 Million in Second Quarter of 2024

DALLAS –  Congressman Colin Allred announced his campaign brought in over $10.5 million over the last three months in his campaign to defeat Ted Cruz. Allred has raised over $38 million since the launch of his campaign. Allred will report having more than $10 million cash-on-hand. This comes as the campaign continues to run TV ads in the Houston, San Antonio, McAllen-Harlingen-Brownsville, and Laredo markets, and digital advertising statewide.

“Texans are sending a clear message to Ted Cruz that they are ready to move on from him and his policies that are hurting Texas families, and that they are ready to elect Colin Allred to bring a new generation of leadership to the Senate,” said Colin Allred for Senate Campaign Manager Paige Hutchinson. “Our campaign is so thankful for the continued support of Texans from every corner of the state as we build a strong campaign to win in November. Texans are ready for a Senator who will reject Ted Cruz’s extremism and fight for their freedoms.” 

These numbers reflect the amount brought into Allred’s campaign committee during the second FEC quarter of 2024, which spanned from April 1st to June 30th.

Quick stats since launch:

  • Over 1 million individual contributions 
  • Over $38.4 million in total receipts 
  • Contributions from 250 of Texas’ 254 counties 
  • Over 357,000 individual contributors
  • Average donation: $35.59

ICYMI: Texas Doctors in Houston Chronicle Op-Ed “Since the fall of Roe v. Wade, our patients are afraid. And so are we.”

“This issue, we all know, is on the November ballot — and nowhere, we think, is it more plain than in the race to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate.”

HOUSTON On Monday, the Houston Chronicle published an op-ed by Dallas’ Dr. Kim D. Vernon and Houston’s Dr. Anitra Beasley. The piece details how their patients face a dangerous new reality in Texas, and blames Ted Cruz’s years-long effort to overturn Roe v. Wade and his support for Texas’ ban as the reason their patients cannot get the care they need.

From the Houston Chronicle Op-ed: 

  • We began practicing reproductive health care because we felt women needed to be better represented and cared for medically. Now, practicing under Texas’ near-total ban on abortions, we are seeing the opposite of that. Because we face the threat of losing our medical licenses or even going to prison, doctors have been forced to turn away patients in need of our care.
  • Before Roe was overturned, we were already having difficult conversations about patients’ limited options under Texas’ SB 8 law. In the wake of Dobbs, it’s gone mostly silent. Patients are no longer showing up
  • Before Dobbs, women would come to us when they were ready to start a family. Since Dobbs, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of women asking for permanent sterilization. They don’t want to risk the danger of becoming pregnant in our state.
  • It is heartbreaking to see the trust and care built over time with our patients in these moments eroded by policies that paralyze us both. This is the reality in Texas.
  • Extreme politicians without any medical knowledge or training should not be able to override licensed physicians simply because they decide to. It is ridiculous to suggest that a blanket ban could address all women and maternal situations.
  • This issue, we all know, is on the November ballot — and nowhere, we think, is it more plain than in the race to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate.
  • Sen. Ted Cruz fought for years to overturn Roe v. Wade, working to elect members of the Legislature, endorse personhood amendments and approve federal judges to make it a reality. On the day of the Dobbs decision two years ago, he called it “nothing short of a massive victory.” He explicitly supports a total ban with no exceptions for rape, incest or health of the mother and he has called Texas’ abortion ban “perfectly reasonable.”
  • There is nothing reasonable about what is happening to women and providers. That’s why in November, thousands of other doctors will join us in voting for Cruz’s opponent, U.S. Rep. Colin Allred. Texas women and doctors can’t go on this way.
  • Read the opinion piece in the Houston Chronicle here

Allred Launches Ad Focused on Border Solutions, Cruz’s Failure to Address the Border Crisis

“When there was actually a good plan backed by sheriffs and border officers, Republicans and Democrats, Ted Cruz said we don’t need a border bill.”

DALLAS – Today, Congressman Colin Allred launched a new ad for the general election, titled “All Hat, No Cattle,” which focuses on Allred’s record of pushing for bipartisan solutions at the border, and Ted Cruz’s refusal to solve the crisis and secure the border. The ad will run in the Houston, San Antonio, Harlingen-Brownsville-McAllen and Laredo TV markets starting Tuesday, July 9. Additionally a Spanish language version of the ad called “Cuenta Con Colin,” will air in the Harlingen-Brownsville-McAllen and Laredo TV markets and both versions will run statewide on digital platforms. 

In the ads, Allred is joined by border law enforcement officers who support Allred’s solution-oriented approach. 

Ted Cruz voted against the bipartisan border package in February and stated he opposed it because of the politics. Additionally, Cruz voted against a separate government funding package that was signed into law, which included millions in funding to hire a record 22,000 border patrol agents. After advocating against these solutions, he said, “we don’t need a border bill.”

Click below to watch the ad.

Watch here.

“All Hat No Cattle” TV Ad Script:

Culberson County Sheriff Oscar Carrillo:
When it comes to the border, Ted Cruz is all hat, no cattle.

El Paso County Constable Oscar Ugarte:
Colin Allred is tough

Sheriff Carrillo:
He’s standing up to extremists in both parties…

Both parties

Sheriff Carrillo:
When there was actually a good plan

Constable Ugarte:
Backed by Sheriffs and border officers

Sheriff Carrillo:
Republicans and Democrats. Ted Cruz said we don’t need a border bill.

Constable Ugarte:
12 years in the Senate and he still has no clue.

Congressman Allred:
I’m Colin Allred and I approve this message, because we don’t need talk on the border, we need action.

“Cuenta Con Colin” Spanish Language TV Ad Script:

Constable Ugarte:
Si vamos a proteger la frontera, requerirá mucho trabajo.
If we’re gonna protect the border, it’s gonna take a lot of work.

Sheriff Carrillo:
Necesitamos más agentes. Más recursos.
We need more agents. More resources.

Y un senador que va ser duro contra los carteles.
And a Senator that’ll get tough on cartels.

Constable Ugarte:
Es hora de actuar
It’s time to act 

Sheriff Carrillo:
Y confío en Colin Allred asegurar la frontera.
and I trust Colin Allred to secure the border.

Constable Ugarte:
El reformara nuestro sistema de inmigracion roto
He will reform our broken immigration system

Sheriff Carrillo:
Menos politica y mas trabajo
Less politics more work

Podemos contar con Colin,y tú también
We can count on Colin, and you can too. 

Congressman Colin Allred:
Soy Colin Allred y apruebo este mensaje.
I’m Colin Allred, and I approve this message.

Watch the Spanish-language TV ad here

Additional Background: 

Allred’s family is from Brownsville where his grandfather worked as a customs officer. In Congress, Allred has championed the recent bipartisan border security bill, and joined a Congressional task force to push for passage and other common-sense reforms to fix the broken immigration system, including the bipartisan Dignity Act. He recently introduced a bill calling for the assessment of staffing needs at the border. He has also stood up to Biden on his handling of the border. 

ICYMI: Allred Celebrates Fourth of July at Como Parade in Fort Worth

FORT WORTH, TX – Today, Congressman Colin Allred joined celebrations at the Fourth of July Parade in Como, a historically Black neighborhood in Fort Worth. Allred delivered remarks celebrating Independence Day and reaffirmed his commitment to protecting Texans’ freedoms in his race to beat Ted Cruz. 

He was joined at the parade by Tarrant County leaders Congressman Marc Veasey and Fort Worth City Councilman Jared Williams. 

Watch his remarks here.

Allred Statement on Federal Court Halting the Biden Administration’s Pause on New LNG Exports

DALLAS – Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement after news that a U.S. District Court halted the Biden Administration’s pause on new LNG exports. 

In an op-ed published in the Houston Chronicle, Allred called on the Biden Administration to end the pause on permitting new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects to strengthen national security and power the economy.  

“Texas is an energy state and I will always work to support our energy economy in Texas, including LNG exports,” said Allred. “This court decision is a step toward protecting energy jobs, but we cannot rely on the courts to resolve this quickly. The Biden Administration must end their temporary pause on new LNG export permits and I continue to call on this Administration to do just that.”

During his time in office, Allred has supported an all-of-the-above energy approach, which includes responsible oil and gas production as well as embracing the opportunities from renewable and clean energy like solar, wind and hydrogen. In February, Allred joined his colleagues in urging the Biden Administration to prioritize policies that continue to support LNG.

ICYMI: Lone Star Live “‘It’s on him’: Texas women who were denied abortions despite health risks slam Ted Cruz”

DALLAS – On Friday, Lone Star Live published a story detailing the harrowing experiences of Texas doctors and patients who have faced the unthinkable because of Ted Cruz’s abortion ban. At a press conference last week, Dr. Allison Gilbert, Dr. Austin Dennard and Lauren Miller placed the blame on Ted Cruz for the tragic state of reproductive health care in Texas that has put women in harm’s way.

From Lone Star Live

  • Women who left the state for abortions amid health complications and later sued over Texas’ ban slammed Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz for the state’s current reproductive health care landscape.
  • Lauren Miller said:  “Ted Cruz pushed for these bans and put anti-choice justices on the Supreme Court despite Texans like me begging him not to support policies that harm us. This ban, the reality that we are living through — it’s on him.
  • Gilbert said she’s been “forced to deny life saving care” to numerous patients, including women whose fetuses were diagnosed with fatal birth defects, domestic abuse survivors facing increased violence during pregnancy and a 15-year-old who was sexually assaulted by her stepfather.
  • On Ted Cruz’s decision to skip her Senate hearing, Miller said: “After years of him ignoring me, I wanted him to hear it from me directly. And truthfully, I wanted to hear what he’d say in response, having put Texas women in this situation. He didn’t show up — couldn’t be bothered, or he couldn’t stand the thought of hearing from me.
  • Dr. Austin Dennard said, “I had to flee my state for care. That’s what politicians like Ted Cruz were forcing me to do: forcing me to stay pregnant and forcing me to birth a baby who would either die in my womb or suffering, gasping for his last breaths in my arms.”
  • Dr. Allison Gilbert said, Ted Cruz laid the groundwork for the disparities in care we’re all seeing today. He said Roe v. Wade was one of our, quote, ‘greatest tragedies.’ But I can think of many more tragedies.”

Read the story from Lone Star Live here.

Allred Statement on Supreme Court Decision Regarding Emergency Abortion Care, Keeps Texas Ban in Place

DALLAS – Today, Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Moyle v. United States, which temporarily preserves abortion access in emergency situations in Idaho, while litigation continues. The decision keeps Texas’ near total abortion ban in place.

“To deny women in emergencies the life-saving abortion care they need is cruel and outrageous, and this decision only furthers dangerous uncertainty for Texas women,” said Allred. “These difficult decisions should be made by women and their doctors – not lawyers, judges or politicians like Ted Cruz. We are only here because of Texas’ extreme abortion ban which Ted Cruz supports. Denying medically necessary abortions will risk women’s lives and their ability to have future children. In the Senate, I will always fight to ensure women have access to the critical health care they need.” 

The case before the Supreme Court arose after Idaho’s near total abortion ban conflicted with federal law requiring hospitals that receive federal funding to administer emergency room care to patients under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA). 

Allred has long championed protecting women’s right to access abortion, and has voted to codify Roe v. Wade’s protections to restore national abortion access. He has also been a leading voice against restricting women’s right to interstate travel, supports codifying protection for IVF in federal law and has worked to expand access to affordable birth control and over-the-counter contraception. 

Cruz fought for years to overturn Roe v. Wade, and proudly supports an abortion ban with no exceptions. Ted Cruz has called Texas’ own near-total abortion ban “perfectly reasonable and praised the fact that “in the state of Texas we have significant limits restricting abortion,” saying, “I agree with that.” 

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