Allred Statement on Trump Campaign Stop in Edinburg

Dallas, TX — Today, Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement on former President Donald Trump’s campaign stop in Edinburg: 

“Donald Trump’s and Ted Cruz’s divisive extremism is out of line with Texas values. With our border in crisis, Texas communities are sick of politicians using their hometowns as backdrops for Fox News photo-ops and political safaris instead of passing meaningful, bipartisan immigration reform. 

Texas cannot afford another six years of Ted Cruz’s political stunts. When I am in the Senate, I will work with colleagues from both sides of the aisle to pass bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform – and finally offer long-lasting solutions to fix our broken immigration system in a way that secures our border, reflects our values and meets the needs of our economy.”

Congressman Allred is proud to be a cosponsor of the Dignity Act, Rep. Veronica Escobar’s bipartisan, comprehensive immigration package. The Dignity Act would invest in bolstering border security and ports of entry; create a pathway to citizenship for folks who want to work hard, play by the rules and pay taxes; give peace of mind to Dreamers; reform our asylum system; implement mandatory E-Verify, ensuring businesses confirm the eligibility of workers; address our country’s visa backlog and raise visa caps; and reform America’s guest and worker visa programs.

Despite his many tweets, podcasts, and cable news interviews about the border crisis, Ted Cruz has voted several times this fall to defund Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the parent agency to Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

Allred Statement on the Two-Year Anniversary of the Signing of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Dallas, TX — Today, Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement on the two-year anniversary of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law being signed into law: 

“As a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I was proud to help lead the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to invest in our infrastructure, make it easier for folks to get around and for businesses to get their products to customers, and to save Texans money all while creating good paying jobs. Two years later, I’m proud that this legislation is delivering for our state. 

“From improving our airports and ports; strengthening our electric grid; expanding high-speed internet; fixing our roads and bridges; funding public transportation; to helping create an electric vehicle charging network across Texas, this legislation is making things better for Texans and lowering costs. We can still do big things when we work together and this bill is an example of that. By voting against this bill and its tens of billions of dollars in investments for Texas infrastructure, Ted Cruz put cynical partisan politics over doing what’s best for our state.”

Of the $35 billion that will continue to come to Texas over the coming years, here are some highlights of investments already allocated, announced, or in action: 

  • $1.2 billion for a clean Hydrogen Hub to come to Houston, one of just seven across the country
  • $10.7 billion for Texas roads, bridges, roadway safety, and major projects
  • $100 million to expand broadband internet access
  • $1 billion to improve water infrastructure and replace lead pipes
  • $3.4 billion for public transportation
  • $128.5 million for cleaner and improved buses
  • $408 million to expand Texas’ EV charging network
  • $310.2 million for clean energy, energy efficiency, and power
  • $669.9 million for Texas airports in 2022-23 alone
  • $344.7 million in 2022-23 alone to improve Texas ports and waterways

Allred Statement on Cruz Vote to Support Tommy Tuberville’s Blockade of Military Leadership Nominations

Dallas, TX — Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement on Ted Cruz’s vote in the Senate Rules Committee today to support Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s blockade of hundreds of military leadership nominees:

“By joining Tommy Tuberville and this small group of extremists putting cynical partisan politics ahead of our military readiness, Ted Cruz has once again betrayed Texans. His extreme partisanship is hurting our service members and their families, and putting our national security at risk. We can’t afford six more years of Ted Cruz in the Senate.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell today called the Cruz-Tuberville blockade “dangerous” and another fellow Republican Senator has said this blockade is “a national security suicide mission.” The Associated Press reports that “Senior military officials have warned repeatedly that the situation threatens readiness and national security.

Last month, the National Military Family Association wrote that “Each day that these senior officers are prevented from fulfilling their roles adds to the risk, stress, and uncertainty for military families. The effects of this holdup are broader than just the nominations themselves – with each nomination are military families navigating stalled moves, military kids unable to settle into new schools, military spouses unable to look for new jobs, and the next generation of service members are watching.”

ICYMI: Texas just received $32.4 million in federal funding for local police departments. Ted Cruz voted against it.

Dallas, TX — In case you missed it, the Department of Justice has announced that it would be sending $32.4 million to local Texas law enforcement agencies to help these understaffed teams hire more police officers – no thanks to Texas’ part-time senator and full-time podcaster Ted Cruz, who voted against this funding. 

Police departments that will be receiving money from these federal grants include those in Amarillo, Arlington, Fort Worth, Harlingen, Houston, Laredo, San Antonio, and dozens more

The funding for these grants comes from the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, the bipartisan year-long funding bill passed at the end of 2022. Ted Cruz was one of fewer than 30 Senators to vote against this government funding. Congressman Colin Allred – as well as Cruz’s fellow Senator from Texas, John Cornyn – voted for it. 

The list of cities where police departments will be receiving this critical federal assistance to help them hire more cops and keep our streets safe includes: Alamo, Alton, Amarillo, Arlington, Belton, Bertram, Castroville, Donna, Elsa, Forest Hill, Forney, Fort Worth, Harlingen, Houston, Hutchins, Laredo, League City, Marfa, Mission, North Richland Hills, Palacios, Pasadena, Pearsall, Pharr, Prosper, Richland, Rusk, San Antonio, San Juan, Sullivan City, Weslaco, West Orange, and Windcrest.

Allred has a long record of supporting local Texas law enforcement agencies and community safety initiatives. This summer, Allred announced $7.8 million in federal grant funding for security at Texas nonprofits and houses of worship, including mosques and synagogues across the state. After the Uvalde shooting last year, Allred helped pass the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which included $300 million for school safety – legislation that was endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police and the National Sheriffs’ Association. And in 2021, Allred helped pass the American Rescue Plan Act, which included billions of dollars in funding for local law enforcement agencies across the country

Ted Cruz also voted against all of these efforts.

ICYMI: Allred Op-ed in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: ‘Blocking Texas women from driving to another state for abortions is un-American’

Dallas, TX — In case you missed it, Congressman Colin Allred wrote an op-ed for the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal on the disturbing new trend of Texas municipalities banning women from driving on their roads for the purpose of fleeing the state to get reproductive care – with Lubbock County being the largest yet to do so. 

Key excerpts from Allred’s op-ed in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal:

  • “We cannot allow this kind of Orwellian police state to take root. This is Texas. We believe in freedom: to live your life, to make decisions about your own body and health, to travel where you want and to do so without interference from the government. These travel bans are not who we are as Texans, as evidenced by the fact that only 23% of Texans approve of these absurd restrictions.
  • “We cannot allow Ted Cruz and a small, extremist minority to force this dangerous ideology upon all Texans. Texas women deserve the right to get the reproductive health care they need, close to home, without fear of criminalization or invasion of their privacy.”
  • “Pairing our state’s abortion ban with an interstate travel ban is turning Texas women into prisoners in their own state. The women of Lubbock County, and across Texas, deserve freedom, not subjugation.”

In Congress, Allred has long been a champion for Texans’ reproductive freedom. He helped the House pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would codify Roe v. Wade – but the bill failed in the Senate, where Ted Cruz voted against it

Allred is also a proud cosponsor of Rep. Lizzie Fletcher’s Ensuring Women’s Right to Reproductive Freedom Act, legislation that would protect women’s constitutional right to interstate travel without government interference. In addition, Allred voted last year for the Right to Contraception Act, which would protect Texas women’s ability to access contraception. 

Allred Urges Texans to Vote in Statewide Election Today

Dallas, TX — With polls opening across the state this morning at 7 AM, Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement urging Texans to vote in the 2023 uniform statewide election:

“As I’ve always said: if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. Whether it’s voting to make child care more affordable or to make life easier for retired Texas teachers, all Texans who are able should have their voice heard in this election. Voting is quick and easy – if you have any questions about where or how to vote, visit”

Allred previously released statements in support of Propositions 2, 8, and 9, which would respectively reduce taxes for certain child care facilities; create a fund to expand high-speed broadband across Texas; and provide a pension cost-of-living increase to retired Texas public school teachers.

Allred Statement on Cruz Voting Against Funding Military Construction and the Department of Veterans Affairs

Dallas, TX — Today, Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement on Ted Cruz voting against the 82-15 bipartisan Senate effort to fund the Departments of Veterans Affairs, Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development, a bill that was supported by his fellow Texan Senator John Cornyn and includes funding for military construction:

“The United States must keep our promise to our veterans, which includes ensuring they have access to the best care and benefits we can provide. In my time in Congress, I’ve made serving our veterans a priority and am proud that as a result of my bipartisan efforts we have been able to serve veterans across Texas. By being one of just 15 Senators to vote against this bipartisan government funding bill, Ted Cruz has once again demonstrated his partisan extremism and shown that he doesn’t care about doing what’s best for Texans. In the Senate, I’ll continue to put Texans first to make sure we care for our growing veteran population.”

Rep. Allred has long championed Texas veterans in Congress. His bipartisan efforts have led to the opening of a VA facility in Garland, a new health care center in El Paso, and the expansion of a spinal cord injury center in Dallas. In addition, Allred authored laws enacted that expand veteran peer-to-peer counseling services and bolster health care access for the nearly half-million veterans living with prostate cancer. 

Allred Releases Video Statement Marking National Diabetes Awareness Month

Dallas, TX — Today, Congressman Colin Allred released a video statement marking National Diabetes Awareness Month, highlighting the toll diabetes takes on families across Texas and reiterating his commitment to working to bring down the costs of life-saving prescription drugs, as he did with the $35 monthly insulin cap in the Inflation Reduction Act. 

Ted Cruz not only voted no on this bill, he also specifically fought to block a $35 monthly insulin cap for non-Medicare patients. 

A transcript of Allred’s video statement can be found below:

“November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Nearly 3 million Texans are living with diabetes, a chronic illness that takes an immense physical, emotional, mental, and financial toll on countless families in our state. 

“In my time in Congress, I’ve heard from so many Texans about the skyrocketing cost of insulin and other diabetes medication. In fact, it’s so high that one in four Americans are rationing the prescriptions they need – but we know what that really means is that they’re risking their lives because they can’t afford these medically-necessary medications. And in this country, that’s unacceptable. 

“That’s why I’ve been dedicated to lowering the cost of insulin in my time in Congress. And last year, I took on Big Pharma with my colleagues in Congress and capped the cost of insulin at $35 a month for seniors on Medicare. Major insulin manufacturers were then forced to respond and capped their costs for everyone at $35 because of our work. And Ted Cruz? Well, he voted no on this historic legislation. 

“This bill was a big deal – an example of the kind of work that I will continue to do in the Senate to provide real relief for Texans. So this National Diabetes Awareness Month, I want to reiterate that I am committed to making sure we can always get things done for Texans – and that lowering prescription drug costs is always going to be one of my top priorities.”

Allred Releases Statement on Trump Campaign Rally in Houston

Dallas, TX — Today, Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement on former President Donald Trump holding a campaign rally this evening in Houston:

“From trying to overturn the will of the people on January 6th to helping enact our state’s barbaric abortion ban, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are a direct threat to Texans and our freedoms. 

“This pair has made their extreme intentions clear if re-elected: they will slash our Social Security and Medicare, defund Texas public education, pad the pockets of wealthy corporations and Big Pharma, and make health care even more inaccessible for working families. In the Senate, I’ll work to bring Texans together and improve the lives of everyone in our state — not pit Texans against one another with extremist, partisan politics.”

According to FiveThirtyEight, Ted Cruz voted with Donald Trump over 92% of the time – opposing him only on rare instances, including voting against delivering COVID relief funds in 2020 and funding the government.

Allred Releases Statement on Cruz Voting Against the Confirmation of U.S. Ambassador to Israel

Dallas, TX — Today, Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement on Ted Cruz voting against confirming Jack Lew to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Israel. Lew’s nomination passed the Senate with a bipartisan vote

“Earlier this month, Israel was brutally attacked by terrorists, the worst attack in its history with the most Jews killed in a single event since the Holocaust. Right now, we must continue to do all we can to stand firmly at our ally Israel’s side to defeat Hamas while also ensuring that innocent Palestinian civilians are able to access the humanitarian aid they need. 

Today, Ted Cruz once again chose cynical partisan politics over what’s best for our nation by voting against a highly-qualified nominee for Ambassador to Israel, Jack Lew. By voting against this nomination – as well as stalling other key national security nominees – Ted Cruz and a handful of extremist Senators are jeopardizing our national security and hampering our ability to lead on the world stage.”

Cruz was one of just 9 Senators last month to vote to shut down the government, which would have likely left the federal government paralyzed and unfunded during this global crisis. 

Last month, Cruz also continued stalling the appointment of a Chief of Naval Operations and voted against confirming a highly-qualified Texan to become the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Cruz has also stood by as Sen. Tommy Tuberville has blocked high-ranking military officials from every service branch from being confirmed, which military experts say is “hamper[ing] the ability of the US government to respond” to the ongoing crisis. 

Allred Statement on UAW Strike Ending

Dallas, TX — Today, Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement on the news of the UAW coming to tentative agreements with GM, Ford, and Stellantis, ending its six-week strike:

“Today is a good day for Texas workers and the Texas economy. I am proud to stand with the thousands of North Texas members of the UAW, and I am pleased the automakers and the UAW were able to come to an agreement that will benefit both the Texas economy and Texas workers.

As a former member of the NFL Players’ Association, I’m grateful to be where I am today thanks to the hard-fought victories won by unions — from worker protections, to minimum wage, to 40-hour work weeks. The concessions auto workers made a decade ago helped bring the American auto industry back from the brink and now, these hard working folks will share in the record profits they’ve helped deliver.”

Earlier this month, Allred visited the UAW members on the picket line at the Stellantis plant in Carrollton to express solidarity and show support for the workers’ strike. When GM workers at the company’s Arlington plant went on strike last week, Allred released a statement of support for the workers.

Cruz Claims “Nothing Matters More for Texas” than School Vouchers. Allred Campaign Pulls the Receipts.

Dallas, TX — In a tweet yesterday, Ted Cruz claimed that “nothing matters more for Texas” than for the Texas Legislature to enact a school voucher scheme that would funnel taxpayer money from public schools toward private ones. 

According to October 2023 University of Texas / Texas Politics Project polling, enacting a school voucher scheme doesn’t register in the top issues for Texas voters. In fact, it doesn’t even register in the top 5 most important issues specifically within the category of education. 

The most important issues to Texans right now are border security and immigration; inflation, rising costs, and the economy; political corruption and leadership; and gun violence prevention. Let’s compare records on those issues:

  • Border security and immigration: Last month, Ted Cruz voted to shut down the government and defund our country’s entire border security apparatus. Colin Allred is a cosponsor of the bipartisan Dignity Act, which would give our Border Patrol officers the resources they need and fix our immigration system in a way that reflects our values and meets the needs our economy.
  • Inflation, rising costs, and the economy: Colin Allred helped pass the Inflation Reduction Act, which put a $35 cap on insulin costs for Texas seniors on Medicare, has brought down prescription drug costs and is helping lower energy bills. Ted Cruz fought to kill that bill, calling it “radical” and saying it was for “rich, liberal elites.” He’s also fought to slash Social Security and Medicare – and to reduce taxes for corporations and the wealthiest individuals.
  • Political corruption and leadership: Throughout his time in Congress, Colin Allred has been a leader in working to protect our democracy. Conversely, Ted Cruz led the charge on January 6th to overturn the results of the 2020 election and enabled an insurrection on our nation’s Capitol. He also steadfastly stood by Texas’ criminally-indicted Attorney General after a bipartisan impeachment vote over the AG’s well-documented, fraudulent actions
  • Gun violence prevention: While Colin Allred worked to help the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, Ted Cruz fought against it even though his fellow Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn helped lead it after the Uvalde massacre. No thanks to Ted, that bill passed and was the only meaningful comprehensive gun violence prevention legislation that’s been passed in decades.

In a TikTok explainer video, Team Allred pulled the receipts on what Texans are saying are the top issues for them.

So no: defunding Texas public schools is not the most important thing for Texans right now. When Senator Cruz is done recording his podcast, he may want to consider coming to Texas and talking with his constituents to see what’s actually on their minds.

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