As Texas Supreme Court Weighs Personhood and IVF Case, Allred Calls for Federal Protections

DALLAS –  Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement as the Texas Supreme Court weighs whether to take up a case involving the personhood of frozen embryos, a decision that could threaten Texas families’ ability to access IVF treatment. Ted Cruz joined Senate Republicans this year in blocking a federal bill to protect IVF.  

“I know the joy parenthood can bring, and IVF provides so many Texans with that same opportunity. This case could threaten that fundamental freedom across our state,” said Allred. “Ted Cruz’s support for Texas’s extreme abortion ban continues to cause damage and uncertainty for Texas families, even blocking protections for IVF at the federal level. It’s clear that we need federal protections for IVF and in the Senate, I will fight to protect IVF and the freedom of Texans to decide when and how to start a family.” 

Allred has long championed protecting women’s freedom to decide if, when, and how to start a family, and has worked to expand access to affordable birth control and over-the-counter contraception. 

Cruz has voiced support for so-called federal “personhood” measures which would threaten IVF, birth control and further limit reproductive rights. He has also praised Texas’ near-total abortion ban, calling it “perfectly reasonable.”

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