Meet Aly

Aly Allred

Aly was raised in New Jersey by her parents, Lou and Amy, alongside her brother, Karl. 

Growing up, Aly loved theater and playing sports, and especially watching baseball with her dad. It’s also when her interest in giving back and being an advocate began. Inspired by gender equity issues, Aly attended her first march in support of Planned Parenthood at 17 years old. After high school, Aly continued her education at Occidental College, where she was co-president of the College Democrats and volunteered with Students for Barack Obama, helping her classmates and folks across the country engage directly with their democracy. 

Aly’s passion for helping others led her to law school where, in her second year, she met Colin in a Law of Democracy class. They were assigned to review each other’s papers, became friends, and served in student government together — the rest is history.

During law school, Aly had the honor of interning at the White House in the Obama administration. This experience allowed her to see the impact that laws and policies could have on hard working folks and how government, when done effectively, can give folks a hand in dealing with the challenges in their day-to-day lives. After graduating from law school, Aly began her career as an attorney, something she continues to love.

Aly and Colin decided to make Dallas their home. Seeing an opportunity to give back to their community, and the one that had given Colin so much, Aly and Colin decided that he would run for Congress in the district where he was born and raised. While Colin ran, Aly worked at Legal Aid of Northwest Texas in Fort Worth, where she focused on helping North Texans access affordable housing and worked on behalf of Texans in the disabled community.


Aly gave birth to their first child, Jordan, in Dallas, just weeks after Colin was sworn into Congress. Thanks to her union, UAW Local 2320, Aly was able to take maternity leave to be with their newborn. Two years later, Aly and Colin welcomed their second child, Cameron, into the world. Aly and Colin cherished the time they got to spend with the newest addition to their family and the ability they had to help Jordan adjust to being a big brother. Aly has joined Colin in calling for greater access to paid family leave and is grateful that she and Colin were able to take leave to be together as a family during those precious early days with both of their children – something they believe every Texan and every American should be able to do, regardless of where they live or how they earn a living. 

While raising two rambunctious little boys, Aly has maintained an active legal practice. In addition to serving her clients, Aly is passionate about her pro bono work, which includes advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, civil rights and upholding our democratic values. Aly also worked on the pro bono team that helped hold the organizers of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia accountable.   

Aly has also remained actively involved in their North Texas community, including supporting Planned Parenthood and Moms Demand Action. Aly is proud to have chosen Texas as her home. She believes Texas is truly a special place, and is particularly inspired by the passion and potential of our young people. But sadly, the values and work ethic of our statewide officials too often don’t align with what she sees in her neighbors and friends. That’s why she believes this campaign is so important, and that Colin is the right person to represent the state she has grown to love.

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