Ted Cruz Again Votes Against Bipartisan Efforts to Keep the Government Open

Dallas, TX — Today, Ted Cruz again voted against bipartisan legislation to keep the government open. If Cruz had his way today, in a matter of days and weeks, airline passengers would begin experiencing delays, nutritional assistance for mothers and children in poverty would begin to run out, and countless Texas families would be left without paychecks.

The funding bill today was passed by a 77-18 margin and was supported by Republican Senator John Cornyn.

“Today, Ted Cruz once again showed that he only cares about himself,” said Congressman Colin Allred. “He sided with a handful of extremist Senators to vote against this bipartisan bill to fund the government, and keep it open and working for communities across our state. Texas cannot afford six more years of Ted Cruz.“

In recent months, Cruz voted several times against widely-supported, bipartisan efforts to prevent a government shutdown (September 14September 26September 28September 30November 1, and today). These bipartisan bills were written to fund critical components of the federal government, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, military construction, the Transportation Security Administration, Border Patrol, and more.

Texas is home to nearly a quarter-million active duty service members and civilian federal employees combined, including TSA officers, Border Patrol agents, and other Customs and Border Protection personnel.

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