ICYMI: Houstonia Mag Profile Details Allred’s Solution-Oriented, Bipartisan Approach – in Stark Contrast to Cruz

DALLAS – Today Houstonia Magazine published a profile on Congressman Colin Allred, detailing his reputation for building bipartisan coalitions and describing him as a “pragmatic” and “solution-oriented” leader – in “stark contrast” to a hyper-partisan landscape and his opponent Ted Cruz. 

As the most bipartisan member of the Texas Delegation in Congress, the piece highlights Allred’s roots in Texas, his deep commitment to working across the aisle and putting Texas first including for “a secure border and a pragmatic approach to Texas’s energy industry.”

From the Houstonia Magazine story: 

  • Rep. Colin Allred wasn’t born into politics. His journey into that field was shaped by his experiences growing up in Dallas, navigating the challenges faced by a single-parent household, and finding inspiration in the community that rallied around him. He reminisces about the local YMCA where he spent all his free time and the public school teachers who went above and beyond to ensure he had every opportunity to succeed.
  • In 2018, Allred made headlines by unseating 20-year incumbent Republican Pete Sessions in Texas’s 32nd Congressional District, a feat that most political observers deemed impossible… Allred’s campaign strategy was simple: focus on building broad coalitions that crossed party lines without compromising on core values. He gained a reputation for being pragmatic and solution-oriented, a stark contrast to the hyper-partisan landscape that dominated national politics.
  • Allred became one of the most bipartisan members of the entire Texas delegation, consistently finding common ground with colleagues across the aisle… focusing on issues that transcend political divisions.
  • This is as big a contrast election as we’ve had in some time,” Allred says. “Public service should be about the people who you’re serving and that’s my biggest objection to Ted Cruz. I think that he’s only in this for himself.
  • [Allred] is taking stances on policies that appeal to those across the aisle, such as the need for a secure border and a pragmatic approach to Texas’s energy industry, where he supports embracing renewable energy while acknowledging the state’s long-standing ties to oil and gas.
  • Allred is also emphasizing a commitment to protecting freedoms that many Texans feel are under attack, such as the right to make personal health-care decisions, including access to abortion. He speaks passionately about defending democracy and ensuring that voting rights are protected.
  • Allred’s style of politics is about leading by example. He became the first known member of Congress to take paternity leave—a move that garnered attention for challenging traditional norms in politics.

Read the story HERE

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