Allred: Ted Cruz Has Done Nothing To Protect IVF and Endorsed Extreme Policies That Put Texans’ Freedoms at Risk

DALLAS — Congressman Colin Allred today reiterated his strong support for IVF and Texans’ freedoms to choose when and how to start a family. Senate Republicans blocked an effort to streamline passage of a federal bill protecting IVF after an Alabama court recently issued a ruling threatening IVF treatment for families in that state. Ted Cruz has previously voiced support for so-called federal “personhood” measures which would threaten IVF, birth control and further limit reproductive rights.

“The miracle of IVF has provided so many Texans with the opportunity to have a family, and as a dad, I know the singular joy that being a parent can bring,” said Allred. “Texans who want nothing more than to start a family are scared, and Ted Cruz’s dangerous record has put their rights and freedoms at risk. Texans know where Ted Cruz stands, and in November, we will elect a Senator who will actually protect the freedoms of Texas families.”

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