Allred Statement on Resounding Victory in U.S. Senate Primary

Congressman Allred proves he has built the coalition and infrastructure needed to defeat Ted Cruz

DALLAS – Tonight, Colin Allred, a fourth generation Texan, former NFL linebacker and Congressman for Texas’ 32nd Congressional district, won a resounding victory in the U.S. Senate primary. Allred’s strong support enabled him to win an outright majority of Texas voters and avoid a runoff.

Ted Cruz has had 12 years of pitting us against each other. It’s time we had a Senator who will bring us together, I’ll be that Senator. We’ve had enough of me guys. We is much more powerful than me. We can do this together,” Allred said in his victory speech.

Congressman Allred was named the most bipartisan member of the Texas Congressional delegation by the Common Ground Committee and has shown time and time again he’s more focused on getting things done than playing politics.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz continues to be more interested in becoming a media personality than working for Texans. Since almost losing his 2018 race, Cruz has “touted his role in killing” the bipartisan border security billfled the state during a natural disaster that killed hundreds of Texans, voted several times to increase costs and take health care away from Texans, and celebrated the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

With polls showing the race tied, Congressman Allred heads into the general election having raised over $21.5 million through the March primary and outraising Ted Cruz every quarter he has been in the race.

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