ICYMI: Lone Star Live “‘It’s on him’: Texas women who were denied abortions despite health risks slam Ted Cruz”

DALLAS – On Friday, Lone Star Live published a story detailing the harrowing experiences of Texas doctors and patients who have faced the unthinkable because of Ted Cruz’s abortion ban. At a press conference last week, Dr. Allison Gilbert, Dr. Austin Dennard and Lauren Miller placed the blame on Ted Cruz for the tragic state of reproductive health care in Texas that has put women in harm’s way.

From Lone Star Live

  • Women who left the state for abortions amid health complications and later sued over Texas’ ban slammed Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz for the state’s current reproductive health care landscape.
  • Lauren Miller said:  “Ted Cruz pushed for these bans and put anti-choice justices on the Supreme Court despite Texans like me begging him not to support policies that harm us. This ban, the reality that we are living through — it’s on him.
  • Gilbert said she’s been “forced to deny life saving care” to numerous patients, including women whose fetuses were diagnosed with fatal birth defects, domestic abuse survivors facing increased violence during pregnancy and a 15-year-old who was sexually assaulted by her stepfather.
  • On Ted Cruz’s decision to skip her Senate hearing, Miller said: “After years of him ignoring me, I wanted him to hear it from me directly. And truthfully, I wanted to hear what he’d say in response, having put Texas women in this situation. He didn’t show up — couldn’t be bothered, or he couldn’t stand the thought of hearing from me.
  • Dr. Austin Dennard said, “I had to flee my state for care. That’s what politicians like Ted Cruz were forcing me to do: forcing me to stay pregnant and forcing me to birth a baby who would either die in my womb or suffering, gasping for his last breaths in my arms.”
  • Dr. Allison Gilbert said, Ted Cruz laid the groundwork for the disparities in care we’re all seeing today. He said Roe v. Wade was one of our, quote, ‘greatest tragedies.’ But I can think of many more tragedies.”

Read the story from Lone Star Live here.

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