DEBATE PREVIEW: With Major Bipartisan Accomplishments and Historic Grassroots Support Across Texas, Allred Ready to Take on Cruz

Austin, TX — Headed into today’s AFL-CIO Democratic Senate primary debate in Austin, Congressman Colin Allred, a former union member, remains the strongest candidate to take on Ted Cruz.

Since launching his campaign in May, Allred has brought in over $18.3 million through the end of 2023 and garnered support from over 200,000 grassroots donors – including folks from 245 of Texas’ 254 counties. Those resources are helping power a statewide campaign – the only 2024 Senate campaign on broadcast airwaves in Texas. This week, the Allred campaign announced its TV ad launch with a spot focusing on Allred’s unique Texas story and his fight for Texans’ fundamental rights – like the right to access an abortion.

It’s easy to see why Texas Democrats from across the state know Allred can – and will – beat Ted Cruz in November. Allred knows how to build the coalition needed to beat Ted Cruz; it is similar to how he defeated a 22-year incumbent in 2018 by a resounding 6 points in a district evaluated by pundits as R+5. Allred’s record of delivering in Congress shows he is ready to serve Texans on his first day in the Senate. Named the most bipartisan member of the Texas Congressional delegation, Allred has secured massive victories for Texas, including:

Texans can’t afford six more years of Ted Cruz in the Senate. Colin Allred is the clear choice to defeat Ted Cruz and get to work for Texas on day one.

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