Cruz Claims “Nothing Matters More for Texas” than School Vouchers. Allred Campaign Pulls the Receipts.

Dallas, TX — In a tweet yesterday, Ted Cruz claimed that “nothing matters more for Texas” than for the Texas Legislature to enact a school voucher scheme that would funnel taxpayer money from public schools toward private ones. 

According to October 2023 University of Texas / Texas Politics Project polling, enacting a school voucher scheme doesn’t register in the top issues for Texas voters. In fact, it doesn’t even register in the top 5 most important issues specifically within the category of education. 

The most important issues to Texans right now are border security and immigration; inflation, rising costs, and the economy; political corruption and leadership; and gun violence prevention. Let’s compare records on those issues:

  • Border security and immigration: Last month, Ted Cruz voted to shut down the government and defund our country’s entire border security apparatus. Colin Allred is a cosponsor of the bipartisan Dignity Act, which would give our Border Patrol officers the resources they need and fix our immigration system in a way that reflects our values and meets the needs our economy.
  • Inflation, rising costs, and the economy: Colin Allred helped pass the Inflation Reduction Act, which put a $35 cap on insulin costs for Texas seniors on Medicare, has brought down prescription drug costs and is helping lower energy bills. Ted Cruz fought to kill that bill, calling it “radical” and saying it was for “rich, liberal elites.” He’s also fought to slash Social Security and Medicare – and to reduce taxes for corporations and the wealthiest individuals.
  • Political corruption and leadership: Throughout his time in Congress, Colin Allred has been a leader in working to protect our democracy. Conversely, Ted Cruz led the charge on January 6th to overturn the results of the 2020 election and enabled an insurrection on our nation’s Capitol. He also steadfastly stood by Texas’ criminally-indicted Attorney General after a bipartisan impeachment vote over the AG’s well-documented, fraudulent actions
  • Gun violence prevention: While Colin Allred worked to help the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, Ted Cruz fought against it even though his fellow Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn helped lead it after the Uvalde massacre. No thanks to Ted, that bill passed and was the only meaningful comprehensive gun violence prevention legislation that’s been passed in decades.

In a TikTok explainer video, Team Allred pulled the receipts on what Texans are saying are the top issues for them.

So no: defunding Texas public schools is not the most important thing for Texans right now. When Senator Cruz is done recording his podcast, he may want to consider coming to Texas and talking with his constituents to see what’s actually on their minds.

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