Allred Statement on GM Arlington Plant UAW Strike

Dallas, TX — Today, Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement on the news of the Arlington General Motors (GM) plant’s 5,000 United Auto Workers (UAW) members going on strike over ongoing UAW negotiations with the three largest American auto manufacturers:

“As a former member of the NFL Players’ Association, I’m grateful to be where I am today thanks to the hard-fought victories won by unions — from worker protections, to minimum wage, to 40-hour work weeks. 

The concessions auto workers made a decade ago helped bring the American auto industry back from the brink and now, these hard working folks deserve to share in the record profits they’ve helped deliver while avoiding our mistakes from the past. 

I am proud to stand with the thousands of North Texas members of the UAW, and I am hopeful GM and UAW are able to quickly come to an agreement that will benefit both the Texas economy and Texas workers.”

Earlier this month, Allred visited the UAW members on the picket line at the Stellantis plant in Carrollton to express solidarity and show support for the workers’ strike.

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