Allred Statement on Cruz’s IVF Bill: “Cruz brags about his long record working to take away reproductive freedom”

DALLAS –  Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement on Ted Cruz’s latest attempt to cover up his long record of taking away Texans’ reproductive freedoms. The Texas Supreme Court is considering a case threatening IVF in the state.

“Let’s be clear, Ted Cruz’s long-standing support for an extreme ban on abortion which is now threatening IVF is why we are here,” said Allred. “Cruz brags about his long record of working to take away reproductive freedom, including supporting extreme personhood legislation and opposing exceptions for rape, incest and unviable pregnancies. When I am in the Senate, I will fight for Texans’ freedom, and against this extremist ban that has gone way too far.”

Allred supports codifying protection for IVF in federal law, has voted to codify Roe v. Wade’s protections to restore national abortion access, and has long championed protecting women’s right to access abortion. He has also worked to expand access to affordable birth control and over-the-counter contraception. 

Ted Cruz is among the most extreme members of the Senate on taking away a woman’s freedom to access the health care she needs, including abortion. He has voiced support for so-called federal “personhood” measures that would threaten IVF, birth control and further limit reproductive rights, fought for years to overturn Roe v. Wade, and explicitly supports an abortion ban with no exceptions. He also praised Texas’ near-total abortion ban, which is also the law threatening IVF, calling it “perfectly reasonable.” 

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