Allred Statement on Cruz Obstructing Bipartisan Border Legislation Because it Would Give Democrats “Political Cover”

Dallas, TX — Today, Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement on Ted Cruz obstructing bipartisan border security legislation because it would, in his words, give “political cover” to Democrats:

“This emerging bipartisan deal is a huge opportunity to move the ball forward and make real progress on the crisis at the border, and Texans desperately need us to take action. But once again, Ted Cruz is not interested in finding solutions, only partisan politics. Our border communities are overwhelmed, and can’t afford six more years of Ted Cruz and his cynical, partisan games.”

Allred has long called for comprehensive immigration reform that would secure our border, meet the needs of our economy, and reflect our values as Texans and Americans. He is proud to be a cosponsor of the Dignity Act, a bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform package led by El Paso Congresswoman Veronica Escobar.

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