Allred Statement on Biden’s Executive Order Expanding Work Permits

DALLAS — Congressman Colin Allred today released the following statement after the President announced an Executive Order expanding work permits for some undocumented individuals who are Dreamers or have been married to U.S. Citizens, and living in the U.S. for a certain number of years. Over 3 million people in Texas live in a household with someone who is undocumented, such as a spouse or a parent. 

Allred and El Paso businessman Woody Hunt co-authored an op-ed in May in the Dallas Morning News calling for action to expand access to work permits to help the Texas economy and keep mixed-status families together. 

“Our immigration system is broken, and Texans need action to ensure that our immigration system can meet the needs of our economy,” said Allred. “Though there is no substitution for Congressional action in the form of comprehensive immigration reform, this is a common-sense step that will grow our economy and help folks who want to work to get out of the shadows. This is one part of the solution, and I will keep working to secure our border and fix our immigration system, unlike Ted Cruz who would rather play politics than do anything to solve this problem.” 

Allred’s family is from Brownsville where his grandfather worked as a customs officer. In Congress, Allred has championed the recent bipartisan border security bill, and joined a Congressional task force to push for passage and other common-sense reforms to fix the broken immigration system, including the bipartisan Dignity Act. 

Ted Cruz voted against this package in February and stated he opposed it because of the politics. The bipartisan Senate bill is endorsed by a diverse group of stakeholders, including the National Border Patrol Council, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers and the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Additionally, Cruz voted against a separate government funding package that was signed into law, which included millions in funding to hire a record 22,000 border patrol agents.  

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