Allred Officially Files for 2024 Texas U.S. Senate Election, Earns Praise from Leaders Across Texas

Austin, TX — Today, Colin Allred officially filed to be a candidate in the 2024 U.S. Senate election against Ted Cruz.

In a video statement following his filing, Allred said:

“We all know guys like Ted Cruz. He’s the guy you hope you don’t get stuck with at a barbecue. The truth is, we don’t have to be stuck with him. We don’t have to be embarrassed by our Senator – we can get a new one.”

In addition, leaders from across the state praised Allred’s candidacy today, saying he is “a proven leader who will work across the aisle to deliver for Texans” and calling him “the one who will finally retire Ted Cruz.”

Statement from Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher:

“Colin Allred is a proven leader who will work across the aisle to deliver for Texans. Since we entered Congress together, I’ve seen firsthand the remarkable work Colin has done on behalf of Texas families every day. From his work to bring health care to veterans to his successful efforts to secure massive investments for Texas’ infrastructure, Colin is the leader we need representing us in the Senate. He will win this race, and deliver real results for Texans and all Americans.”

Statement from Congresswoman Veronica Escobar:

“I am excited beyond measure at Colin’s official filing today. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the one who will finally retire Ted Cruz.

“It’s been a privilege to work with Colin in Congress to lower health care costs by cutting the price of prescription drugs, protect our workers and unions, and invest in the jobs of the future. In contrast, Ted Cruz has shown us he doesn’t care about El Paso – and at this moment, we need a true public servant in the Senate who will stand up for us and work for every Texan. Colin Allred is that servant leader.”

Statement from Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins:

“Today is an exciting day for Texas because today was the first official step in the process of electing a proven leader for all Texans  next year to the U. S. Senate. Congressman Allred has been a leader in Congress and has delivered for North Texas from day one. He has the ability, grit and determination to beat Ted Cruz and give Texans the representation we deserve in the Senate. From bringing a VA hospital to Garland to securing billions of dollars in investment in our state, Dallas County and counties across Texas are stronger because of Colin Allred’s leadership.”

Statement from Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis:

“I would like to congratulate Colin Allred today on filing as a candidate for U.S. Senate and am ready to help him beat Ted Cruz. I’ve been blessed to work for decades fighting for civil and voting rights in our state, access to quality health care for all Texans, the ability for all young Texans to get a good education, and more. It’s time for us to have a Senator who also shares those values. As we look to bring Texans the statewide leadership we deserve, I know that Colin Allred is the best candidate to not only win, but also be a Senator who will make us proud and get things done.”

Statement from Cameron County Clerk Sylvia Garza-Perez:

“My neighbors and constituents here in the Rio Grande Valley are sick of being used as a backdrop for Ted Cruz’s political stunts. We need a real leader representing us in the Senate who will work to bring down costs and expand health care access for hardworking folks in Cameron County and across South Texas. Colin Allred is the candidate who has what it takes to win this race and deliver real results for Cameron County and Latino families across Texas.”

Statement from McLennan County Commissioner Patricia Chisholm-Miller:

“The residents of McLennan County Precinct 2 share the same hopes and dreams as all citizens of this great state and nation. They desire gainful employment with quality pay, healthcare, and benefits.  They desire home ownership and the ability to save for their children’s college fund.

“As good citizens, my constituents only ask that their elected leadership be as dedicated to them as they are to our country. It is not too much for them to expect safe schools and streets. As their County Commissioner, I work daily fighting for their hopes, dreams, and expectations – and I have no doubt that Colin Allred will provide the citizens of McLennan County, the state of Texas, and our nation the representation we deserve. Please join me in helping to elect Representative Allred as our next US Senator from Texas.”

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