Allred Launches First Ads of General Election, Early Ads in English and Spanish to Air in Key Markets Across Texas and Statewide on Digital

DALLAS – Today, Congressman Colin Allred announced his first series of general election ads, demonstrating an early push around key campaign priorities. The ads will run across TV markets in Houston, San Antonio, Harlingen-Brownsville-McAllen, and Laredo, in addition to English and Spanish ads running statewide on digital platforms. The ads will start airing tomorrow, Friday, May 17.

The ads focus on Allred’s background as a fourth-generation Texan who was raised by a single mom in Dallas and earned a scholarship to play football at Baylor before making it to the NFL. The ads also lay out his commitment to standing up to extremists in both parties to secure the border, protect Texas energy jobs, lower the cost of prescription drugs and protect Social Security and Medicare. 

Read the Dallas Morning News exclusive here, and click below to watch the ads.

Watch here

“Mom” TV Ad Script:

My story isn’t about the father who wasn’t there, it’s about the mom who was. 

She was a teacher who worked a second job to make ends meet. With her support, I made it to Baylor and the NFL. 

In Congress, I’ve stood up to the President when he’s wrong – to defend Texas energy jobs and secure our border.

As your Senator, I’ll keep doing what’s right for Texas. To protect Medicare and Social Security, and add more border patrol agents. 

I’m Colin Allred and I approve this message, because my team is Texas. 

Watch here.

“Extremos” Digital Ad Script:

Soy Colin Allred y me postulo para el Senado contra Ted Cruz.

(I’m Colin Allred and I’m running for Senate against Ted Cruz.) 

Mi mamá tenía dos trabajos para mantener a nuestra familia.

(My mother worked two jobs to make ends meet.) 

Gracias a ella, logré llegar a Baylor, el NFL y el Congreso.

(Because of her, I made it to Baylor, the NFL, and Congress.) 

Enfrentó los extremos de los dos partidos. Para asegurar la frontera y proteger el Seguro Social.

(I stand up to extremes on both sides to secure the border and protect Social Security.) 

Juntos, somos más poderosos. Es hora de retirar a Ted Cruz.

(We are more powerful than me. It’s time to replace Ted Cruz.) 

Watch here

“Experiencias Compartidas” TV Ad Script: 

Colin Allred es el líder que necesitamos. 

(Colin Allred is the leader we need.) 

Como hijo de madre soltera de Brownsville, los tiempos fueron difíciles. 

(As the son of a single mother from Brownsville, times were tough.) 

Estas experiencias formaron a Colin y lo ayudaron a seguir adelante. 

(These experiences shaped Colin and helped him succeed.)

En el Congreso, ha luchado para asegurar las fronteras y para que los medicamentos recetados sean más económicos. 

(In Congress, he has fought for border security and to make prescription drugs more affordable.) 

Como nuestro senador, protegerá el Seguro Social y Medicare. 

(And as our Senator, he will protect social security and Medicare.) 

Defenderá a personas que enfrentaron las mismas luchas que él. 

(He will defend people who faced the same struggles he faced.) 

Porque Colin Allred los ha vivido como nosotros. 

(Because Colin Allred has lived them just like we have.) 

Soy Colin Allred y apruebo este mensaje. 

(I’m Colin Allred and I approve this message). 

Watch here. 

‘Fight for Texas” Digital Ad Script: 

I’m Colin Allred. My story isn’t about the father who wasn’t there, it’s about the mom who was. 

With her support, I made it to Baylor and the NFL. In Congress, I’ve stood up to extremists in both parties, because somebody’s gotta fight for Texas. 

As your Senator, that’s exactly what I’ll do. 

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