Allred Launches Ad Focused on Border Solutions, Cruz’s Failure to Address the Border Crisis

“When there was actually a good plan backed by sheriffs and border officers, Republicans and Democrats, Ted Cruz said we don’t need a border bill.”

DALLAS – Today, Congressman Colin Allred launched a new ad for the general election, titled “All Hat, No Cattle,” which focuses on Allred’s record of pushing for bipartisan solutions at the border, and Ted Cruz’s refusal to solve the crisis and secure the border. The ad will run in the Houston, San Antonio, Harlingen-Brownsville-McAllen and Laredo TV markets starting Tuesday, July 9. Additionally a Spanish language version of the ad called “Cuenta Con Colin,” will air in the Harlingen-Brownsville-McAllen and Laredo TV markets and both versions will run statewide on digital platforms. 

In the ads, Allred is joined by border law enforcement officers who support Allred’s solution-oriented approach. 

Ted Cruz voted against the bipartisan border package in February and stated he opposed it because of the politics. Additionally, Cruz voted against a separate government funding package that was signed into law, which included millions in funding to hire a record 22,000 border patrol agents. After advocating against these solutions, he said, “we don’t need a border bill.”

Click below to watch the ad.

Watch here.

“All Hat No Cattle” TV Ad Script:

Culberson County Sheriff Oscar Carrillo:
When it comes to the border, Ted Cruz is all hat, no cattle.

El Paso County Constable Oscar Ugarte:
Colin Allred is tough

Sheriff Carrillo:
He’s standing up to extremists in both parties…

Both parties

Sheriff Carrillo:
When there was actually a good plan

Constable Ugarte:
Backed by Sheriffs and border officers

Sheriff Carrillo:
Republicans and Democrats. Ted Cruz said we don’t need a border bill.

Constable Ugarte:
12 years in the Senate and he still has no clue.

Congressman Allred:
I’m Colin Allred and I approve this message, because we don’t need talk on the border, we need action.

“Cuenta Con Colin” Spanish Language TV Ad Script:

Constable Ugarte:
Si vamos a proteger la frontera, requerirá mucho trabajo.
If we’re gonna protect the border, it’s gonna take a lot of work.

Sheriff Carrillo:
Necesitamos más agentes. Más recursos.
We need more agents. More resources.

Y un senador que va ser duro contra los carteles.
And a Senator that’ll get tough on cartels.

Constable Ugarte:
Es hora de actuar
It’s time to act 

Sheriff Carrillo:
Y confío en Colin Allred asegurar la frontera.
and I trust Colin Allred to secure the border.

Constable Ugarte:
El reformara nuestro sistema de inmigracion roto
He will reform our broken immigration system

Sheriff Carrillo:
Menos politica y mas trabajo
Less politics more work

Podemos contar con Colin,y tú también
We can count on Colin, and you can too. 

Congressman Colin Allred:
Soy Colin Allred y apruebo este mensaje.
I’m Colin Allred, and I approve this message.

Watch the Spanish-language TV ad here

Additional Background: 

Allred’s family is from Brownsville where his grandfather worked as a customs officer. In Congress, Allred has championed the recent bipartisan border security bill, and joined a Congressional task force to push for passage and other common-sense reforms to fix the broken immigration system, including the bipartisan Dignity Act. He recently introduced a bill calling for the assessment of staffing needs at the border. He has also stood up to Biden on his handling of the border. 

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