Allred in Houston Chronicle: End the pause on LNG Exports to “strengthen our national security and power our economy”

DALLAS – In an op-ed published today in the Houston Chronicle, Congressman Colin Allred called on the Biden administration to end the pause on permitting new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export projects in order to strengthen national security and power the economy.

Key excerpts: 

  • “It’s time for the Biden Administration to end its pause on permitting new liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects and embrace the potential of LNG exports to strengthen our national security and lower carbon emissions while powering our economy at home.”

  • “If we were a country, Texas would be the third largest producer of natural gas in the world. Natural gas directly supports well over 100,000 Texas jobs.”

  • “LNG is also critical to our national security and stability around the globe…Reducing the world’s dependence on adversarial countries like Russia by providing an alternative and dependable supply of energy will make all of us safer.” 

  • “It’s critical we continue to reduce emissions and increase efficiency…and support communities impacted by gas extraction and refinement. Man-made climate change is very real, and we are seeing its impacts across the globe and here at home in Texas.” 

  • “Texas has and always will be an energy state…the best way forward is an all-of-the-above energy approach that harnesses everything from renewable energy to nuclear to geothermal to natural gas. This is the most responsible and realistic way forward for us to both address climate change, continue to lead the free world and protect and grow Texas jobs.” 

  • “President Biden, it’s time to act. End the pause on LNG exports and make clear that we can grow our economy, support our allies and fight climate change using homegrown American energy.”

Read the op-ed here.

During his time in office, Allred has supported an all-of-the-above energy approach, which includes responsible oil and gas production as well as embracing the opportunities from renewable and clean energy like solar, wind and hydrogen. In February, Allred joined his colleagues in urging the Biden Administration to prioritize policies that continue to support LNG.

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