Allred Earns Endorsements from Democratic Primary Opponents Gutierrez, Sherman, and Gonzalez

DALLAS –  Today, Congressman Colin Allred announced that he earned endorsements from his Democratic primary counterparts, signifying further unified support heading into the general election to defeat Ted Cruz.

State Sen. Roland Gutierrez: 
“Politicians like Ted Cruz and their extreme policies have taken Texas backward. We have the highest uninsured rate in the nation. Inaction to prevent gun violence is scarring our communities. And now women cannot access abortion even if it means saving their life. Congressman Allred will fight for every Texan, and he will finally give us the leadership we need in the Senate. Let’s send Ted Cruz to Cancun for a nice, long vacation once and for all.” 

State Rep. Carl Sherman:
“Now more than ever, Texans need a uniter, not a divider. A man who holds a high sense of duty to all, not someone who cares only about self and special interests. That person is Congressman Allred. I have seen him deliver real results, and I know he will fight for us as our next U.S. Senator.” 

Former Nueces County DA Mark Gonzalez: 
“Congressman Allred is the real deal. Unlike Ted Cruz, he won’t spend his time podcasting or dividing us in the latest cable news culture war. Congressman Allred was raised by a single mom who was a public school teacher. He knows the struggles working families face. Ted Cruz doesn’t care about any of that, he only cares about himself. That is why I am proud to support Congressman Allred.”

Allred has earned the endorsement of a diverse coalition of Texas leaders from across the state including Congress members Veronica Escobar, Lizzie Fletcher, Marc Veasey, Joaquin Castro, Houston Mayor Emeritus Sylvester Turner, San Juan Mayor Mario Garza, Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, Travis County Commissioner Jeff Travillion, Hidalgo County Clerk Arturo Guajardo Jr., and State Senators Carol Alvarado, José Menéndez, César Blanco, Royce West, Sarah Eckhardt, Chuy Hinojosa, and Nathan Johnson. 

Allred has also earned the endorsement of State Representatives Senfronia Thompson, John Bucy, James Talarico, Gene Wu, Joe Moody, Salman Bhojani, Eddie Morales, Claudia Ordaz Perez, Josey Garcia, Ann Johnson, Erin Zweiner, Sergio Muñoz Jr., Erin Gamez, Liz Campos, Diego Bernal, Nicole Collier, Ana Hernandez, Gina Hinojosa, Jessica Gonzalez, Terry Meza, Oscar Longoria, Terry Canales, Mihaela Plesa, Jon Rosenthal, Barbara Gervin-Hawkins, Armando Walle, Vicki Goodwin, and Julie Johnson.

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