Allred Earns Endorsement from Alliance for Retired Americans for his Leadership in Protecting Social Security and Medicare

DALLAS –  Saturday, Congressman Colin Allred earned the endorsement of the Alliance for Retired Americans, representing over 4.5 million retired Americans nationwide. The Texas state affiliate is home to over 155,000 former teachers, auto workers, state and federal government workers, construction workers and community leaders who recognize Allred’s commitment to lowering costs, protecting Social Security and Medicare.

“Every Texan deserves the freedom to retire with dignity and live their version of the American dream,” said Allred. “My mom is a retired teacher on Medicare and a fixed income, so I know how important these benefits are to our seniors. I will never stop fighting to lower costs and protect Medicare and Social Security – which Ted Cruz has voted to cut time and time again. I am proud to receive the endorsement of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans and look forward to working alongside them in the Senate to ensure secure retirement for every Texan.”

Gene Lantz, President of the Texas Alliance for Retired Americans: 
“Rep. Allred has already proven as a member of the U.S. House that he will look out for older Texans in the U.S. Senate. He has earned a perfect lifetime score of 100% in the Alliance’s annual Congressional Voting Record,” said Lantz. “We trust him to work to preserve our hard earned Social Security and Medicare benefits. He knows that 4.4 million Texans rely on Social Security benefits every month. As a senator, Colin will continue the fight for our earned benefits for current and future generations.” 

Eddie Morgan, a Texas Alliance member from Dallas: 
“The stakes couldn’t be higher for seniors like me. We need Colin Allred in the Senate fighting against any Republican plan to cut Social Security and Medicare,” said Morgan. “I am 67 years old and have a serious disability that affects my lungs. I rely on Social Security to make ends meet and could not get by without it. If Ted Cruz is reelected, he will continue his efforts to slash it. That’s why Colin Allred is the obvious choice for Texas seniors.”

Allred has worked to lower drug costs by requiring Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices for seniors, cap out-of-pocket drug costs at $2,000 a year, cap insulin copays at $35 per month and make necessary vaccines free for all Medicare beneficiaries. 

Ted Cruz voted against this legislation and has advocated to cut earned Social Security and Medicare benefits. He voted for massive cuts to Medicare’s budget and has repeatedly called for privatizing and cutting Social Security. 

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