Allred Delivers Message of Uniting Texans Around Shared Values in Keynote Speech at Texas Democratic Convention

DALLAS –  On Friday, June 7, Congressman Colin Allred, the Democratic Nominee for U.S. Senate, delivered the keynote speech at the Texas Democratic Convention in El Paso. Joined by a statewide coalition ready to defeat Ted Cruz in November, Allred focused on uniting Texans around their shared values and detailed how, as Senator, he will fight for all 30 million Texans’ freedoms.



Sharing his personal story as a fourth-generation Texan, Allred said: 

Only in this great state could the child of a single mom who taught in Texas public schools for 27 years, someone who attended our good public schools in Dallas, who struggled at times growing up, but who always had a community to fall back on… only in this state would I be where I am today.

Additionally, Allred described Ted Cruz as the “ultimate me guy” and called out his failed leadership: 

When we voted to bring high-tech manufacturing jobs back home, Ted said no. Now billions of dollars are coming here to create thousands of Texas jobs… When we voted to lower the cost of prescription drugs for seniors and cap the cost of insulin at $35 per month, there was Ted…voting no…And when the lights went out in the energy capital of the world, only a me-guy would think that it was OK to fly down to stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun…

We have more as Texans that unites us than divides us. But that is something that Ted Cruz will never understand.  

Finally, Allred spoke on his unifying vision for the state: 

In my Texas, we believe in freedom. We believe in the freedom to make your own health care decisions – including access to abortion. We believe in the fundamental promise that if you work hard and play by the rules, you should be able to get ahead, take care of your family, buy a home, send your kids off to school and retire with dignity… I will never stop fighting for my Texas.

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