Allred Campaign Releases First Ad: “I’m running for Senate because the freedoms we believe in as Texans are under attack”

Dallas, TX — Today, the Allred campaign is announcing its first television and digital ads of the 2024 Senate election in Texas. The television ad, which starts this week in the Houston and Dallas TV markets, focuses on Allred’s unique Texas story, and his fight for Texans’ fundamental rights like the right to access an abortion. In the digital ad, Allred connects his experience as a parent to the abortion ban, and how he believes families and doctors should be making these health care decisions, not politicians like Ted Cruz who think they know better.

Click here or above to watch the first 30-second TV ad of the election cycle, titled “Texas Story.”

This ad will run in tandem with a statewide digital ad campaign, which also prominently discusses Allred’s fight to restore abortion access. Watch the digital ad called “Crucial Moments” here.

“Texas Story” Ad Script:

I’m Colin Allred. My story starts right here in Texas.

Mom was a public school teacher who raised me on her own.

I earned a scholarship to Baylor, made it to the NFL, and became a civil rights lawyer and a Congressman.

And now I’m running for Senate because the freedoms that we believe in as Texans are under attack.

The freedom to vote. The freedom to get an abortion and the medical care that you need. And the freedom to get ahead if you work hard and play by the rules.

I’m Colin Allred and I approve this message because together, we can change that.

“Crucial Moments” Ad Script:

I’m Colin Allred.

Texan. Former NFL Player. Congressman. And Candidate for U.S. Senate.

But my most important job is husband and father.

I never knew my dad, so from day one I wanted to be there for my wife.

Every crucial moment, every check up, every ultrasound.

Today, women who get unthinkable news can’t get life-saving care because politicians like Ted Cruz think they know better.

I’m running for Senate to end this abortion ban.

Because in Texas, we stand up for our freedom.

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