Allred Calls Out Ted Cruz After Texas Medical Board Decision

DALLAS –  Congressman Colin Allred released the following statement after the Texas Medical Board issued guidance for medical professionals related to medically necessary abortions. Under the amended rules, doctors now have seven days after performing an emergency abortion to complete documentation to justify their decision to give women life-saving care. The Board also acknowledged their guidance cannot apply in all situations due to legal restrictions enforced by the state’s extreme abortion laws.  

“It is unconscionable for a woman’s critical health care decisions to be made by judges, politicians and an appointed board when they should be between a woman and her doctor,” said Allred. “Ted Cruz has fought long and hard for this extreme abortion ban, even calling it ‘perfectly reasonable’ which is why we are here today. When I’m in the Senate, I’ll fight to restore the standards set by Roe v. Wade and return the right to make these difficult decisions to Texas women and their doctors.”

Ted Cruz has praised Texas’ near-total abortion ban which placed this decision in front of the Medical Board, calling it “perfectly reasonable.” He has praised the fact that “in the state of Texas we have significant limits restricting abortion… and I agree with that.” Cruz fought for years to overturn Roe v. Wade, and proudly supports an abortion ban with no exceptions.

Allred has long championed protecting women’s right to access abortion, has been a leading voice against restricting women’s right to interstate travel, and has voted to codify Roe v. Wade’s protections to restore national abortion access. He also supports codifying protection for IVF in federal law and has worked to expand access to affordable birth control and over-the-counter contraception.

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