ICYMI: Three Years After Hundreds of Texans Die in the Freezing Cold, Ted Cruz Jokes About Abandoning Them

Dallas, TX — As Texans again are facing freezing temperatures and dangerous road conditions, Ted Cruz is joking on X about how he fled Texas for Cancun during 2021’s Winter Storm Uri — a storm that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of his constituents.

“Hundreds of Texans died tragically during the 2021 winter storm, and the fact that Ted Cruz would joke about abandoning Texas for a beach in Cancun tells you all you need to know about how seriously he takes his job as Senator,” said Colin Allred for Senate spokesperson Ike Hajinazarian. “Texas can’t afford six more years of Ted Cruz. This November, we will replace this embarrassment of a Senator with a true public servant in Colin Allred.”

This isn’t the first time Cruz has joked on social media about fleeing Texas during the deadly winter freeze in 2021. Last fall, he tried to defend his actions by claiming there was nothing for him to do during the storm because he didn’t know how to string up power lines.

During Winter Storm Uri, Allred worked with FEMA to coordinate the delivery of supplies to his constituents and helped the North Texas Food Bank ensure Texans were able to get food.

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